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Julian Hutchinson

Lawyer. Environmental scientist. Policy advisor. Researcher. Author.

With an impressive career and academic trajectory spanning multiple industries and countries, Julian Hutchinson brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as head of Hutch Law.

By marrying his passions for real estate, business and all things green, under the legal services umbrella of Hutch Law, Julian provides trusted legal counsel, insights and advice to a wide range of clients from individual homeowners, to farmers, to business owners, corporations, estates, families and even other lawyers themselves.

Prior to creating Hutch Law, Julian worked for AGB Lawyers specializing in real estate, estate planning, agriculture and environmental law. He also completed articles with Beament Green LLP, with a focus on environmental, employment, and personal injury law.
Julian’s career has also involved several years working in various countries as a research scientist in the environmental science field, with governmental organizations including Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Julian has pioneered environmental policies and techniques to support Canadian government directives; authored several articles on the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the Canadian and Ontario Greenhouse Gas Strategies; and has been a regular blogger on key issues such as cap-and-trade.
With an extensive educational background, Julian holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Liverpool; a Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Chemistry from the University of Nottingham; and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Jamaica’s University of the West Indies.

Julian Hutchinson

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